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Mantle Clamp: Hydrocone Style (Nordberg® HP Series™ OEM Replacement)

Mantle Clamp: Hydrocone Style (Nordberg® HP Series™ OEM Replacement)

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Eliminate installation and removal hazards with our patented mantle clamp designs. Mantle clamps are designed to be installed with torque wrenches, not hammers, for a perfect tight fit every time. Easily remove the Mantle Clamp without cutting the burn ring or splitting the nut.

These Mantle Clamps are designed to work as a direct replacement for Nordberg® HP Series™ cone crushers.

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The patented pending Mantle Clamp is a must have for all safety conscious crusher maintenance personnel. When compared to the old-styled crusher nuts provided by the OEM, the safety improvements and decreased downtime offered by the Mantle Clamp makes your decision easy.

The Mantle Clamp will:

  • Eliminate the risk of sprains, strains, or impact injuries by eliminating the swinging a heavy weight from the crane.
  • Greatly reduce potential for burns or fire. The Mantle Clamp does not need the burn ring cut off. You can use an impact wrench to loosen the clamp. At most, a stuck bolt will need to be burned.
  • Eliminate the metal-to-metal impact caused by swinging the large weight from the crane to tighten and loosen the nut. The mantle Clamp can be tightened with impact wrenches.
  • Eliminate the need to install a temporary pour nut for pouring backing material. Once installed, the Mantle Clamp can be poured in place.
  • Reduce potential for tripping while unscrewing the large nut. The Mantle clamp does not screw on and off. It is unbolted and lifted with a crane.
  • Better backing material installation. Because there is no pour nut, once the mantle is tightened and poured, it stays. You are not disturbing the backing material by removing a pour nut and then installing the permanent nut.
  • Greatly reduce mantle failures. The Mantle Clamp provides a much stronger and consistent hold down force. The torque is accurate every time. The current OEM nut is tightened until the guys are tired of swinging the weight. You will have much fewer spun mantles and premature mantle failures when compared to the OEM nut.