• Access Stairs

    Access stairs are removable, built to safety standards, and provide safe access to crushers, dump pockets, or other frequently accessed areas.

    All access stairs are designed with your specific equipment and…

  • Bowl Maintenance Stand

    Safe, easy access to maintain the crusher bowl. Convenient storage for your crusher bowl(s). We custom design our bowl stands to fit your crusher model.

  • Bowl Wedge Linkage

    Our bowl wedge linkages are high in strength and rigidity to keep the bowl steady during operation.

  • Burn Platform

    Removing the concaves in a gyratory crusher can be dangerous. Burning bars, head, and sparks coupled with the risk of fall are all potentials for injury.

    Mitigate these risks and provide…

  • Cone Crusher Head Stand

    Maintain and inspect your cone crushers heads.

  • Crusher Access: Crows Nest

    Access the top portion of the Main Shaft to inspect or maintain without the need to tie-off. Our Main Shaft Crows Nest is complete with OSHA-compliant handrails and stairs. The…

  • Dump Pans

    Our concave dump pans are especially designed to fit your requirements with any innovative features. Heavy duty construction ensures many years of service. Each dump pan will typically hold the…

  • Eccentric Removal System

    This custom designed cart will eliminate rigging risks associated with the removal and replacement of the hydro-set and other eccentric components. This self-powered cart positions itself under the crusher and…

  • EZ Nut: Cone Crushers (MP Series™ Replacement)

    Eliminate hazards and wasted time while installing or removing our Torque Bolt Crusher Nut. No more ramming and banging to tighten, or countless hours spend burning the burn rings. Simply…

  • EZ Nut: Gyratory Crushers (all makes & models)

    Gyratory crushers are the heart of your operation and every minute of downtime is costly. You can reduce rebuild time and eliminate hazards with our EZ Nut for Gyratory Crushers….

  • EZ Spider Nut

    The Tri Star EZ Spider Nut simplifies installation and removal of the Crusher Spider.

    Much easier to use than hydraulic spider nuts and safer than hammering on the nut to tighten.


  • Head Rotator Cone Crusher

    Head rotators and maintenance platforms for your cone crusher make working on the heads safe.